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About Me

Jessica Byrne

Byrne_Poipu Morning

Hello everyone! My name is Jessica Byrne and I’m here to guide you through your painting adventure!

These classes are designed to make the creative process accessible for everyone (even you “stick figure artists” out there)!

The most important thing here is to HAVE FUN and enjoy the moment! Give yourself permission to play and to make mistakes.


Over the years, I have developed a method of instruction that has proven to be a positive experience for many participants. This “hands on” method of learning is designed to make the creative process accessible for anyone that wants to experience the joy of creativity.

As an artist and educator working in expressive arts for the last fifteen years, promoting personal growth through the creative process has become my passion.

Visit my fine art website to view my work:

 Our Painterly Story

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Born from a desire to teach art and help those who can benefit from the therapeutic joy of creativity.
The Painterly team set out with a simple goal- To make art accessible. Knowing that many shy away from painting, we decided to provide classes that even a "stick figure artist" could enjoy. We called it "Painterly" and began operating with a step-by-step art process.  It was a hit!

We had scores of new, satisfied artists yet we aspired to broaden our reach and facilitate a greater charitable contribution in our community. We envisioned Painterly TV. To create a community of painters, instructors, and art enthusiasts whose collaborative contributions could make an impact. 
Painterly TV was created to enrich the lives of individuals by supporting wellness through creative expression.  To Create Joy!