Oil Starter Set

Oil Starter Set



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Starter Set includes:

Foldable Tabletop Easel

·        Supports canvases up to 24" x 30"

·        Comes with carrying case & carry strap


·        Features a true-color, neutral grey surface

·        Easy to clean

Water Mixable Oil Paint 10 Color Set

·        Thin with water/ Clean up with soap and water

·        High-quality lightfast pigments

·        Dry to the touch in just 5-7 days

·        Smooth, buttery painting


·        5 brush set: Flat sizes 1, 2, 4, 8, 12

·        ChungKing Hog Bristle

Painting Knife

·        Italian-style painting knives are made from polished stainless steel

·        Tempered to provide just the right amount of give for the perfect painting response

Zipper Bag 10x14" and Brush Bag

·        Holds all your materials in one place and keeps brushes protected

·        Durable plastic coated mesh

Aqua Tote Water and Brush Holder

·        Folds flat for storage and strong and durable when open

Canvas Panels (acid-free)

·        9"x12" pack of 3ct

·        All media applications